The 5 Shifts Successful Divorced
Working Mums Make To Re-build
Confidence, Control and Choices


Founder, Executive Coach, Psychotherapist

I help highly-motivated, divorced working mums to move on from their marriage split, re-build their confidence and inspiration, and take control of their finances & choices.

I’ve worked for 17 years as an executive coach and over 8 years in private practice as a Human Givens psychotherapist. In that time I’ve met hundreds of women who’ve suffered the stress and confusion of a relationship break down and have become stuck in a whirlpool of anger, regret and comparison. These brave mums have lost sight of their greatness, their clear thinking and their joy for life. They want a return to peace-of-mind, self-compassion and genuine happiness.



~ Mum, Photographer, Surrey

I worked with Jennifer after my divorce, which was brutal, because the trauma I’d suffered was affecting me and my children several months after my absolute came through. Liberated Life was a big commitment and so, although I expected a lot, I wasn’t expecting something literally life changing. …
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~ Mum, Fashion, London

Counselling and meds weren’t making the difference I was looking for. I found Jennifer’s programs through her Facebook Group, which I’d been in since its first month and had found incredibly supportive. She knows how to break big ideas down into manageable pieces and, with the other Liberated Lifers …
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~ Mum, Medical, Croydon

Jennifer, I had watched the comments from others who had been through your program thinking ‘will that really work for me’. I doubted it would. And I am so glad to say I was proved wrong. I am a changed mum. A grateful woman. And a more confident version of the pre Liberated me. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. xx …
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