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“Get clear and stay brave.” - Jennifer

Because there’s always more …

I work with men and women in leadership roles who are already successful but also know there’s more. You might have changes you’d like to see in your personal or your professional life – often it’s both – and once one thing alters for the better, the knock on effect to everything else – relationships, fitness, free time, money and happiness – is inevitable and speedy.

Contact me now for a no-charge 15-minute first conversation before deciding if you’d like to move forward and work together. Call or email me now to set up a time.


Change is happening faster in business today than ever before in history. Communication, technology, entertainment, sport, medicine, research, finance and law – all industries are innovating to stay relevant in quick-morphing markets. As a C-suite, director or leader within your business, continued success depends now on remaining aware, up-skilled, and brave as ideas, work cultures and norms evolve.

If you’ve reached a point in your professional life where you recognise that the knowledge that got you here is not the knowledge that’s going to get you there … it may well be time for you to expand your ideas with a one-off or regular executive coaching conversation.

Whatever the areas – personal, professional or a mix of both – the agenda and outcomes we’ll work towards will always be yours.

Each coaching conversation is designed for you, in whatever corporate role you’re in, to gain more clarity, confidence and motivation to take action. Coaching for business leaders is now as culturally normal as men on paternity leave, ideas trumping hierarchy, and flexible working hours.

If you’re ready for speedy change and want to borrow a brain to explore a wider perspective before focusing on what you really want, please phone or email now to get in touch.

Contact me now for a no-charge 15-minute first conversation before deciding if you’d like to move forward and work together. Call or email me now to set up a time.

Business Owners

Entrepreneurs require a unique set of skills and a healthy relationship with risk. From inception to action to growth takes perseverance. And a business owner’s character must expand in advance of their company’s increased success.

If you’ve set up a business which has seen a first or even fifth phase of expansion and you’re keen to stay clear and confident about ‘so now what, when and how’, then coaching conversations are the fastest, most clarifying way to get there.

Jennifer has coached hundreds of business owners over her 20+ years of corporate and business coaching. To check whether her style matches the vision for your future in business, call or email her now for a no-charge, first conversation.

Contact me now for a no-charge 15-minute first conversation before deciding if you’d like to move forward and work together. Call or email me now to set up a time.

About Jennifer

Jennifer is a qualified and sought-after executive and leadership coach. She has successfully owned and run an executive coaching practice since 2003. Previous to that, she worked for 15 years in the publishing & media industry both internationally and in the UK leading teams in the commercial, marketing, editorial and distribution sectors. 

As well as being the founder & director of JenniferBroadley.com – specialist coaching for corporate leaders, directors & successful professionals – she is also a published author, program facilitator, Human Needs psychotherapist and an active parent.

Jennifer’s executive coaching promotes clear thinking, inspired action taking and powerful personal responsibility – a ‘more for all, less to none’ approach. Working with her, clients naturally begin to add meaning to their ambition; find simplicity in the most complex of projects; and re-discover significance in their relationships and family life. Her training programs raise respect and awareness for different leadership styles, team dynamics, personal approaches and evolving diversity.

Jennifer was brought up in West Africa, educated in Scotland and lived and worked in Hong Kong, Australia and Indonesia before returning to a London base in 1997. In 2009 she moved home and office to the east coast of Scotland. Her time is now spent delivering executive and business coaching conversations, writing and sport training. Jennifer’s first book ‘The 7 Steps to Personal & Professional Freedom – How to Add Meaning to Ambition’, published in 2012, is available on Amazon.


“Jennifer creates environments of acceptance”

“Jennifer was recommended to us following work she had supplied to other parts of our UK Group, namely Executive Coaching in our book publishing division and a Diversity Internship Program with our education team. Her programs were designed with much consultation with our news room teams and leadership regarding the outcomes required. They were scheduled and delivered within a short time frame and the feedback we received from our full range of attendees was both positive and thought provoking.”
Global HR Director, London, UK

“I started to make changes almost immediately”

“I was enthusiastic to have the opportunity to work with Jennifer on her 1-Day Intensive program. It was the first time I’d really put pen to paper and defined exactly what I want –both personally and professionally.

From a career perspective it’s been very positive; helping me highlight obstacles within my current mind-set and giving me renewed clarity and confidence within the business to value and raise my contributions and creative ideas. The 6 weeks follow-up coaching kept me on track as I integrated the changes we talked about in the intensive.

On the personal side I started to make changes almost immediately and now define myself more by my skills and positive role within the company as opposed to the company defining me. Working with Jennifer has given me a new sense of direction and confidence in my skills and how best to apply them.”
Syndication Director, London

“Enabling senior executives to focus on the top priorities”

“My experience of working with Jennifer Broadley in the last 5 years is that she consistently supplies a very high standard of coaching. She takes a forward thinking, long term view with executives and senior staff and gets positive an meaningful feedback from all people who have been involved in working with her. She encourages free thinking, enabling people to find their own solutions to work-related issues as they progress. She also had a great range of tools and techniques that she’s able to share with top talent to help them find new ways of doing things. Jennifer has worked predominantly with senior executives in our organisation. Her coaching has a real impact – empowering staff to choose to re-invest with the company, raising positivity, increasing focus and enabling promotions.
Head of L&D, London

“I’d be front of the queue for this type of director’s development”

“It was such a pleasure to speak to Jennifer. She was like a breath of fresh air – positive, motivated and motivating. She listened brilliantly and was able to clearly reflect back to me my thoughts and by so doing help me to clarify them. I felt as if I was talking to a good friend – she was supportive and non-judgmental and I had no doubt that she absolutely wanted me to succeed as much, if not more than I did myself.

I went away with the phrase “clarity creates speed” buzzing around in my head. I feel positive, encouraged, confident and empowered. This will definitely influence my future – the key to the freedom of my own success is ME”
Executive Assistant, London

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