Jennifer is a qualified executive coach, experienced in having her clients reach for, achieve and sustain high performance, meaningful change, and rich personal and professional success. Her clients include corporate leaders, C-levels, senior directors, and successful business owners in all industry sectors: media, technology, medicine, transport, retail, engineering, defence, investment and entertainment.

Coaching sessions most often happen by phone for 30 or 60 minutes. They are booked in blocks of 4 sessions to ensure that there’s an ongoing accountability for change and that coaching times can be protected and prioritised in everyone’s busy schedules.

Prices can alter depending on the number of clients and/or coaching hours, however the numbers below will give you a sense of where the conversation about investment would start. Executive coaching sessions are usually billed directly to a business or organization (as opposed to you personally); that’s not essential but it is usual.

Contact me now for a no-charge 15-minute first conversation before deciding if you’d like to move forward and work together. Call or email me now to set up a time.

Executive Coaching

By phone or zoom: booked in blocks of 4-sessions at a time

  • 30-minute calls: from £125.00 per session
  • 60-minute calls: from £200.00 per session

Corporate Coaching

On-site coaching:

  • Single coaching session: from £450.00
  • Half day – up to 3 clients: from £950.00
  • Full day – up to 6 clients: from £1750.00

On-site programs/workshops:

  • Half days: from £1500.00
  • Full days: from £2500.00

Business Owner Coaching

Phone / Zoom coaching: booked in groups of 4-sessions at a time

  • 30-minute-calls: from £125.00 per session
  • 60-minute calls: from £200.00 per session